From The Summer

by The Benjamins

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skeeterknees this sounds like when you're on the breaking point but somehow get in a relationship so you become obsessed with them because they're your only source of happiness but they leave you cause you're too overly attached Favorite track: My Darling.
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Terra This song has brought me so much comfort over the years. I can't even begin to describe why I love it so. Favorite track: My Darling.
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released July 16, 2012

Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar: Austin Chandler
Vocals: Ellie Turner
A big thanks to Ben Littlejohn for his patience and willingness



all rights reserved


The Benjamins Dallas, Texas

We sing on the weekends. If you or a loved one would like us to sing for you/friends of you, please contact us via

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Track Name: Waves
I've been living in the shadow of myself.
In the end it's all that's left.
These empty boxes here, the toys all left behind.
It's gone it's lost, the one I've tried to find.

Darling, the waves break over me.
My dear, you are all I see.
Your skin aligns with my deepest dreams.
My wretchedness is bursting at the seams.

Along the ground I found you who knew me so.
To pick me up and bend me back so I could grow.
Your face is perfect love, it pulls my every string.
Even in these words, you can't see how much you mean.
Track Name: Collapse
I slept in your grace when you went away.
I writhed in your sheets; you left me the key.
And I was entranced when you felt me in your heart.

I laid on the floor, words all to myself,
Quietly so, for there was nothing else,
Vacant as a kite, and you held the string.

Oh, oh, to you, to you.
I, I, I'll sing.
Oh, take me back to the center,
The alley where I carried you away.

Here I am now looking at your face,
In frames that obey, as they fade to gray,
I am a mess, but I find peace in these threads.

I will collapse in this wooden dream,
A castle of hopes, bursting at the seams.
And as you are gone, I can see you in the windows.

I drift away, swimming in you,
Fingertips, bathed in perfume,
And I will carry you through fire,
As long as you take me home tonight.
As long as you take me home tonight.
Track Name: Home In Your Heart
I was a lonely soul, I was a bird.
You were the brightest star in such a girl.
It was enough, one ounce of your love.
And in the dark, my candle, my dove.

I lived alone, out here in the dark.
You took me in, gave me home in your heart.

I was transfixed my dear, I could not have seen, in my head.
You crash down like waves in the night, my rocky shores.
Just when I've drowned and gone, you pull me away.
Now in the depths of you, I feel okay.
Track Name: Beloved
The flood, this flood, is pouring down.
Like the winter has come back to life.
And in its hands, its blackish hands,
I find all the strength to fight.

I wandered down, on Baltimore,
As the water stroked my bare skin.
Headlights shone bright, on our sweet stage,
As I lifted you, and kissed you for the win.

The good Lord doth shine,
In those bittersweet lines,
Between heaven and earth,
Which dance in your eyes.
And my heart is still,
As my dreams do sway,
Oh darling, I'll give it all away.

We sang for joy, we wept in love,
And my Father, he gave to me enough.
Fire to live, and peace to sleep.
In the moon's arms, I fall so deep.
Track Name: My Darling
We're coming home now,
O Death, O Darling.
To your loathsome
Beloved arms, twisted charms.

With my shadow,
My hollow bones,
These shells in,
I will feast upon my flesh.
As I falter,
Shake me awake, in your roots.
Sparks all fading,
In my eyes, one final time.

My whole surrender,
Reign of crimson falls in ribbons.
Please do take me,
And erase me. Just erase me.
See me in the concrete,
I am in pieces of your home.
Remember me on hands and knees,
Begging for your love.

I have felt all your thunder here.
I have knelt beside the cross.
I did love you every winter,
Still you let me fall.